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YOFC PERU S.A.C. ha solicitado la publicación del aviso :
IT Senior Engineer


We are the world's largest provider of fiber optics and cables. We offer comprehensive solutions with a diverse and flexible product portfolio, with a special presence in the telecommunications, utilities, transportation, petrochemical and medical industries. We are currently implementing regional projects in Peru and we require experienced professionals for our staff.


Basic Requirements:

1. Certified Electronic Engineer or Telecommunications Engineer (Indispensable)

2. Engaged in the performance of software systems, servers, databases, etc., have a better understanding of the relevant software architecture and device characteristics

3. To be able to proficiently operate databases and Linux

4. Proficiently operate virtual machines such as Hypervisor, and those with research and development background are preferred;

5. Those with PRONATEL project experience are preferred;

6. Excellent teamwork and communication skills, able to fully coordinate internal and external resources of the company.

7. Daily communication, reports and others assign by managers.

8. Speak English

9. More than 5 years of experiencie in the functions detailed. 




Richard Wenhau (huwenhao@yofc.com)

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